Local Innovation Lab

The local innovation lab project has moved to its own organization, LocalInnovationLab.org and continues working in partnership with Southern Oregon University. We will leave the content below here for historical reference.

The Local Innovation Lab (LIL) is an internship program designed to enable local commercial and social organizations to create new jobs. Emerging student leaders are given opportunities to develop professional skills while serving their communities.


LIL is a partnership between the Humane Leadership Institute and Southern Oregon University that is managed by Local Innovation Works.

LIL started in 2020 as a response to the Covid-19 disruption to local employers and their employees. The goal was to meet local needs in ways that could evolve into new local jobs.

What makes the LIL unique is an explicit focus on empowering the next generation of leaders as they provide on-the-ground research, analysis, and solutions design work to local organizations.

LIL intern stipends are paid by the organizations they serve when possible, but pro bono intern work and support costs require generous investments by local donors.

Our interns work with local leaders to explore affordable housing development opportunities.


Previous Cohorts:

Autumn 2020:


How can I support LIL? 

  • Interns – visit localinnovationlab.org for the latest opportunities.
  • Partner organizations – we are seeking to make LIL a prototype for successful small university/community collaboration going forward.  If you share our vision of local innovation creating meaningful solutions and jobs that meet local challenges, please contact us to begin a dialogue.