Autumn 2020 Internship Showcase

In the wake of Covid-19 and recent wildfires in our valley, our first cohort of ten students has been working to meet the essential needs of ​our community​ and create new local jobs.

In the process, the students have been diving into their own humane self leadership and using professional tools to manage their projects, time, and performance.

The interns ​showcased six projects:

  • Listening to those displaced by the Almeda fire and collecting their input to inform recovery efforts
  • Researching disaster recovery and rebuild solutions
  • Creating a community investment fund​ to support micro loans to start and scale local nonprofit and commercial enterprises​
  • Reaching out to local businesses about their capacity to expand their employment opportunities
  • Researching granting opportunities for local nonprofits
  • ​Create ​web and video communications​ for Local Innovation Works

More details on the projects here

The interns ​​presented their projects on Tuesday, December 15, 2020. ​

The full showcase video hosted by Professor Bret Anderson of SOU and Ellie Holty of the Local Innovation Lab.  Below you will find a topical index to the video.

The video is fascinating, but long. So, if you would like to jump to the bits most relevant to you, see the indexes by project and topics below.

How you can support LIL interns’ work in 2021

Bret Anderson, Ph.D

Ways to support LIL interns 

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Education for the 21st century

LIL as a prototype for education for the 21st century. Combining liberal arts with professional skills to help students self lead their transition to valuable work

How Humane Leadership development and the internships reinforce each other

Self leadership integrated with the internships


How the internship experiences and the Humane Leadership curriculum interact ~50 seconds


What I learned – skills and personal growth