Investing in Our Community

Investing in Our Community

Put your money where your life is! So said attorney, economist, entrepreneur, and author Michael Shuman in a webinar we hosted on October 13, 2020 to discuss investment options for building strong local economies. Shuman’s fundamental insight is that virtually all of the capital that residents in our communities have to invest gets deployed elsewhere. Bringing a portion of that capital back into our communities is an important resource to power our local economy.  

Shuman talked broadly about the positive real returns of investing locally and then provided many specific tips on how to do this individually and collectively, including by setting up a Community Investment Fund. Providing local businesses with the capital they need to help them scale up or scale out creates jobs and brings value back to our neighborhoods while generating a resilient, diverse and self-reliant economy. 

This 2-page document summarizes Shuman’s advice as we start to think about matching our local investment needs and resources here in the Rogue Valley.

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For Michael Shuman’s 80-page how-to guide on Community Investment Funds, click here

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