Fire Preparedness

Fire Preparedness

Download the PulsePoint app. We follow both Jackson County Fire District #5 and Ashland Fire & Rescue. on Facebook. Focused on weather forecasting and climatology within Southern Oregon and Northern California. He also provides updates on local and regional wildfires during the summer months. You won’t find a more accurate weather source for our region.

Jackson County Police and Fire Live Scanner Audio

Active Fire Map from

Trip Check for Oregon road incidents, closures, and cameras

AirNow for regular AQI updates and smoke map

Jackson County Live Scanner UpdatesTranscribed This link may need to be updated, as the thread is replaced when it has 1,000 comments. Scroll to bottom of the thread for next link.

Ashland Fire Department Air Pollution – Bit delayed, but has every-three-hour, six-day forecasts of wind direction and speed

We enjoy the mesmerizing depiction of global wind currents at Windfinder.

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