Here is a collection of ways to help and receive help that we have been sent by the Rogue Valley community.

  • This Google document has so much information, updated regularly, in one place for those wanted to give and those looking for gifts:   
  • Here is a list of GoFundMe pages consolidated to one Google doc:  
  • Click here to sign up to join the “Grocery Brigade.” They are providing groceries and a hot meal upon entering a new housing situation for displaced folks.  
  • Sign up to be a part of Rogue Valley Fire Mutual Aid or to receive aid here.
  • Click here for information about from a team of folks who are already planning the rebuild of Talent and Phoenix.
  • If you would like to sign up to be a part of the rebuilding after the fire team, sign up here.
  • Rogue Food Unites is coordinating food businesses, farms, and cultural organizations to meet the acute demand for regional support with a community-driven meal preparation and delivery program.
  • Rogue Valley Recovers has excellent, up to date information about recovery efforts and resources.
  • WinterSpring is dedicated to helping those who are grieving face loss.
  • Jackson County has also put together a great website with regular updates and a comprehensive list of resources

Donate funds to:

For fire preparations, we have compiled a list of useful links to maps, weather, air quality, etc. here

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